ADFAS Young Arts at JFK

Further to our financial support for J F Kenndy School in Hemel Hempstead for the purchase of a printing press a couple of years ago, ADFAS has used £100 of its Young Arts funds in February to provide a number of so called Bench S-hooks for this school.

    JFK Bench S Hook

As you can see, this simple device 'hooks' on to the edge of an Art Dept workbench and provides a firm edge against which the artist secures the rectangular printing block that needs to be worked on with the cutting tools to produce an inverse image.  

If required, a corner of the block can also be secured in the 'V' shaped indentation on the far wooden stop to make the job easier.   Simple and safe!

ADFAS provided finance for 30 Bench Hooks and 10 Lino Cutting Tool packs for 180 Year 9 students for their Summer project on the theme of 'Animal Spirits'.