Evening Session 14 February 2018

You will be pleased to hear that following our two 'Taster' sessions in October and November last year, we have started our ADFAS Evening Sessions at our venue of the Civic Centre in Berkhamsted.

The Committee thought that you might like to see what we achieved on that night.   In spite of the horrendous wet weather on 14 February; the night clashing with Valentine's Day and it being the half term of local schools, we had a good turnout with lots of new faces, including some from as far afield as Whetstone and Potters Bar. 

We had a fascinating topic from our speaker Dr John Stevens from SOAS London talking on The Art of Rabindranath Tagore.    This talk by a new lecturer from The Arts Society panel covered the life and times of this extraordinary man Tagore together with examples of his literature, poetry and paintings.   This was a very sociable evening attracting a large number of people that had not had previously been involved with ADFAS!  

       ADFAS PM February 2018 No 2                      ADFAS PM February 2018 No 1

As part of our remit for bringing more Art to our area, Nicky Collins the head of Art at J F Kennedy School kindly supplied and put up samples of the youngsters' work on display for our 'pop-up' exhibition at the back of the Civic Centre. 

Here are some of the images taken on the night.   This raised a lot of interest and discussion for eveyone's benefit!

      Evening February 2018 Exhibition No 1                      Evening February 2018 Exhibition No 6                    Evening February 2018 Exhibition No 5

                 067 small                                                   065 small                                                     070 small

           068 small                  066 small                   064 small a

Our sincere thanks go to Nicky and her pupils for a great exhibition.    

Please use these images to promote Founder Membership and develop involvement with ADFAS Evenings  to your friends and contacts.