Young Arts News February 2019

Young Arts Grant to Hemel Hempstead School

Following a referral from a Founder Member of ADFAS Evenings, we have got to know Lauren Rayner who is head of the Art Department at Hemel Hempstead School.   As a direct result, the ADFAS Committee had discussions with Lauren and we were able to support her work with their youngsters through our Young Arts activity funding the purchase of a variety of still life items for the students to layout, photograph and draw as required.

You will recall that our fairly unique status as a Registered Charity has enabled us in the last 12 months to support a total of five schools in the Dacorum area together with three Bursaries to youngsters from JFK School in Hemel and Tring School.

Using a specialist company in this field (obviously ex art teachers!) Lauren selected from their themed boxes still life items from the following geographic areas:-

          Africa                   Australia/Aboriginal                      China/Asia                    India/Far East                 Mexico/South America

Some of these items may well be available for Hemel Hempstead School’s Pop-Up art exhibition at our ADFAS Evening lecture on 13 March 2019 in the Civic Centre along with other items of the students’ work.

We would like to thank Lauren and her team for organising this display in the Main Hall for ADFAS Evenings.    Another good reason to come along – please see the March Evening Events page on this Budapest talk by Gavin Plumley.

                                                        Margarita small Non Canon 

One of the items is this lovely lady called Margarita (a friend of Lauren's) and apparently she lives in the newly acquired Mexico/South America box.    

Below we have a photo from the recent formal handover of the ADFAS cheque presented by ADFAS Chairman Julie Griffiths to Lauren Rayner in one of her art rooms at the school.  

                      Handover IMG 3180

In addition, these are photographs of how some of these boxed items have been laid out by the students prior to their drawing them as part of their Art activity.

 HHS Snake small     HHS Fan small DSC 0943    HHS Elephant small DSC 0944

And here are a few examples of what the students are producing from these recently acquired still life items:

Hemel Hempstead face small         Hemel Marguarita small        Hemel Hempstead rabbit small

                                                            Margarita is obviously a favourite!