Society Talent

On one of our day trips, it was apparent that one of our members, John Toovey, was busy drawing the surroundings of the property we were visiting.  Asking the obvious questions has led ADFAS to present some of the beautiful results for your consideration!

     ADFAS trip to Osterley House 2018 JT P1040484small             ADFAS trip to Upton House 2018 P1040526small   

      Osterley Park ADFAS trip 2018                          Upton House ADFAS trip 2018

John and Jacqui Toovey have been ADFAS Members since 2004.
These are some of the sketches he has produced in England since 2016, two on ADFAS outings.   

There are also a couple drawn last year in Lucca in Italy, which apparently is a delight to visit.

    Lucca2018P1040378small  Lucca, Italy 2018  Lucca 2018 P1040380small   


John has commented that 'Art has always featured in my family.  I went briefly to Guildford School of Art and evening classes at St Martin’s in London before training at the Architectural Association as an architect.' 
He has always been attracted to buildings and scenes, but many of his sketch books also have things that interest him when on holiday and relaxed ... animals, plants, children ... !

          DeenePark2018JTP1030804small          Nassington 2016 P1030805small

                                 Northamptonshire 2016

Copyright:   John Toovey 2018/2019