The Official History of ADFAS over 50 years

A surprise on the doorstep!

You will recall that as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the founding of Ashridge DFAS, a history of ADFAS has been completed building on an original document produced for the 40th year by ex-chairman, Brenda Baynes.

Attendees at the celebratory dinner held on March 8th this year at the Boxmoor Lodge Hotel were presented as part of the table layout with their copy of this document as a momento of the evening.   

Brenda herself was somehat surprised a few days later to receive, from our current Chairman Valerie Gunn, her personal copy of this 50th History signed by all the current ADFAS Committee as shown below.   

History of ADFAS brought up todate Brenda-Baynes--and-Valerie-GunnPresentation History to Brenda Baynes (ex Chairman)

We have copies of this fascinating history of ourorganisation for all existing members.  If you were not at the dinner, and would like one, please ask one of your committee.