Eyes down on a Saturday morning at John F Kennedy School

April 22 2017 saw the unusual sight of eight volunteers from ADFAS attending a training session on the use of the printing press acquired for this local school using our Gift Aid funding.   

The only one who really knows what she is doing is Nicola Collins, Head of Art at JFK School! However, our engrossed participiants had a fascinating and enjoyable four hour session.

1 Nicola Collins Head of Art at JFK   1  Nicola explaining the technology!

Occasionally we spoke to each other!   As you can see, we were engrossed with this new experience..............   

2 JFK A helping hand from the Boss    3 JFK Checking the tools

2  A helping hand from the Boss                   3  Checking the tools

4 JFK They have never worked so hard since school  4  They have never worked so hard since school

5 JFK It is in there somewhere  5  It is in there somewhere!

6 JFK Concentration from the Chairman   6  Concentration from our Chairman

7 JFK Amazement   7  Amazement from all!
8 JFK A helping hand   8  A helping hand

9 JFK This can be very messy   9  This can be very messy

10 JFK Surrounded by the pupils work


    10  Surrounded by the pupils' work 


  11 JFK Eyes down   11   Eyes down

12 JFK Wearing old clothes was good advice!
12  Wearing old clothes was good advice

Julie's Elephant          Julies first print of her elephant

13   Julie's Elephant picture              14 Julie's first print of her Elephant etching

Nicola has asked all ADFAS members who have any old and spare Yellow Pages magazines (these have very thin paper and when cut up are excellent for handling the prints during the printing process) to give them to any Committee people so that her Art Dept pupils can benefit from using them!